Convergence ‘Sustainable Living’ Festival comes to Galway Friday 30th


Convergence the longest running Sustainable Living Festival in Ireland is coming to Galway this Friday October 30th. Recognising the need for an urgent and deep cultural shifts towards more equitable and sustainable ways of life. Across the country there is a growing interest in cooperative and social enterprise, renewable energy, co-housing, local food and the emerging collaborative economy. Join us for a day of inspiring stories, a participatory ideas workshop and a harvest dinner celebrating local food and culture. The days events welcome participation from everyone in Galway committed to creating a more sustainable future. We invite diverse perspectives and contributions from young people, students, grassroots  activists, environmentalists,  artists, cultural workers, SME’s, local institutions,  government and community groups.
Events take place at the Galway 2020 space in the Cornstore Middle Street
Everyone is welcome and admission is free of charge.


‘Emerging Futures’ – A Cultural Vision for Galway
From 11am to 5pm – Emerging Futures’ is a participatory ideas workshop facilitated by Kevin Flanagan, Martina Finn and Davie Philip, where members of the public are invited to join in dialogue asking the question – ‘How can a cooperative and participatory approach support the transition to a more equitable and sustainable way of  life?’.

In the morning guest speakers will share insights and inspiration from successful local community and cultural projects such as Galway City Community Network, Community Workers Coop, GCCN, An Meitheal Rothar, One World Centre, G126. After lunch there will be dialogue and debate using ‘World Cafe’ to explore what actions we as a community can take.


11.00 – Introduction

11.20 – Check in –  Appreciating who is in the room and what they do.

11.40 – Stories from collaborative projects. What can we learn?

12.30 – Identifying common patterns and needs

13.00 – Lunch

14.00 – World Cafe Discussion

16.00 – Break

16.15 – Actions and Next steps

17.00 – Closing of Emerging Futures

17:30 – Music from Donal while we prepare for the Co-operative Salon

18:00 – 21:00 Co-operative Salon –  A Halloween Harvest Feast

“Co-operative Salon –  A Halloween Harvest Feast”

From 6pm – 9pm – The Halloween Harvest Feast is a convivial and family friendly gathering to celebrate Galway’s local food and culture, showcasing culinary produce from local farms and community gardens, cooked by some of Galway’s finest artisan establishments.

Also artist Seoidin O’Sullivan’s installation, ‘Seating System’ and Commons Library will be exhibited in the Galway 2020 space throughout the day. This is part of an ongoing participatory art project on the commons by Third Space.

The events are part of the nationwide Cooperative Convergence 2015 organised by Cultivate, and co-hosted in partnership with Collaborative Ways Forward, Transition Galway, Third Space, Galway City Community Network, Galway 2020, Galway City Partnership, Sheridans Cheesemongers.

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