Kevin Flanagan on Open Cooperativism and the Commons

In advance of the public meeting in the Jitchen Café on 1st July, Third Space Galway will also host a reading and research session with guest Kevin Flanagan on Open Cooperativism and the Commons on

Monday June 29th from 4-6pm
in Room 1001, Floor 1, Moore Institute, The Library, NUIG.

For a list of the recommended readings in advance, please visit

Everyone is Welcome.

“Many roads lead to the commons: the collaborative economy, open culture, technology and knowledge sharing, shared meaning-making, protecting biodiversity, seed saving, our natural resources, and more.

As “commoners” we practice engaging with others to create impact that lasts longer and is more sustainable than anything we can accomplish on our own. Together we maintain and govern the infrastructures that benefit the public as a whole and beyond.” Cultivate