Mon. Oct. 24th -Fri. Oct. 28th Galway 2020 Community Hub, Unit 15 The Cornstore, Galway. GALWAY SUSTAINABLE LIVING FESTIVAL



Galway’s Convergence Festival ECOHUB aims to work collaboratively, with those committed to bringing about change, creating solutions to community and environmental challenges, through a week long series of events, films, workshops, exhibitions and thematic talks.

This year’s week long pop-up ECOHUB, offers to host artists, activists, environmentalists, makers, musicians, foodies, healers and hackers, visitors and community members, as a forum for the cutting edge nexus of green ideas and conviviality, ecological health and wellbeing, showcasing local campaigns, offering great local food and introducing radical solutions for a future that works.

Recognising that cities and towns need to continue to create space and new forums to learn from and inspire one another, to promote a vibrant and thriving culture, Galway’s Sustainable Living Festival makes the case for an Eco Centre for Galway. This project aims to further the development of the identified collective vision for a local sustainability research, education and demonstration project for Galway, incorporating community arts, sustainability education, exploring progressive transport solutions, community energy and new technology demonstration projects, recycling and zero waste projects, food sovereignty and local community supported agriculture, self sufficiency projects, community resilience, health and wellbeing.

Galway’s Sustainable Living Festival will champion existing community responses, actions and collaborations, whilst continuing to forge new partnerships and the sharing of tools and practices. It will be an opportunity to educate and inspire citizens and visitors about green energy, sustainable healthy living, collective and cooperative action.

This will be an exciting opportunity to bring together the key players and stakeholders locally, nationally and internationally involved in making carbon neutrality a reality and to showcase the many existing and potential groundbreaking initiatives from across the Region, that are learning how to live more sustainably and enjoy life without compromising future generations.

Building on Galway’s potential to lead the way in transitioning to a more resilient, sustainable and equitable future, by becoming Ireland’s first Carbon neutral city, during this years Convergence Festival, we aim to kick-off the conversations that lead into Galway’s designation years as the first Irish City to host the European Green Leaf Sustainable City Award in 2017 and European Region of Gastronomy in 2018.

Festival partners include; Galway 2020, Galway City Community Network, The Ryan Institute, NUI Galway, Galway City Council, Galway County Council, Transition Galway, Post Carbon Galway, Cultivate, Galway Healthy Cities, Galway City Partnership, An Taisce, Green Sod Landtrust, Third Space Galway, 

For more information contact:

Festival Coordinator Martina Finn on 087 2201972

or email or

visit / / /

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